SupaScoota Sale UK

SupaScoota Sale UK
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An even stronger, heavy-duty model suitable for our more demanding customers. The Heavy-Duty SupaScoota Hd-01 is available now and in-stock at our UK showrooms. Finally a truly portable scooter with heaps of leg room and a large 130kg load capacity. Long distance travel in complete comfort or confined indoor use, the choice is yours. Dual motor drive system makes light work of off-pavement use and steep hills so you can go anywhere with total security. Super light frame design (the heaviest part only 10.2kg) with seat suspension, the Supascoota HD is designed to handle challenging conditions. All for an unbelievably low price of only GBP £1195.00 (not including optional extras.)

The SupaScoota has many important features that are not normally found on a lightweight scooter, including both forward and reverse drive; automatic electromagnetic safety breaks (so you don’t need to manually operate a handbrake); and an optional, low-cost stability package helps to make the SupaScoota an incredibly safe mobility scooter that is ideal for both inexperienced users and people with low core body strength.

The omni-directional casters can be configured for any environment and all types of surfaces, with multiple floor clearance and wheel-base settings. These can be adjusted easily in moments, allowing the user to go from outdoors to indoor use by changing the wheelbase to 600mm and the floor clearance to 6mm. This will increase the level of safety to such a degree that it is almost impossible to tip over.

Manouvering safely around furniture and obstacles is a breeze with SupaScoota's superb slow speed control & small turning radius.

Fingertip control has been incorporated into the SupaScoota as standard, avoiding the strain that can be placed upon the wrist by the more common twist grip controls used by our competitors. The SupaScoota includes an on/off key; forward and reverse switch; battery gauge and an exceptionally safe and easy to use finger control lever.

When the user releases the throttle lever the SupaScoota will automatically decelerate and stop safely through the use of dynamic electromagnetic breaking system. Even when at maximum speed the stopping distance is only 1.5m on level surfaces (removing any danger of the mobility scooter freewheeling out-of-control!) The SupaScoota will stop quickly and safely every time.

Don't forget, you can lower the handles bars so they will fit under a table when next you dine alfresco or have a sidewalk coffee.

Only GBP 1195.00
Wheel size 200mm;
Ground clearance 70mm;
Length 945mm;
Width 565mm;
Weight (without seat) 8.5kg (front-frame);
9.8kg (back frame);
Weight of seat 7.2kg;
Max loading 130kg on level ground;
Turn radius 780mm;
Motor output 2-180 Watt;
Transmission Worm drive gearbox;
Reverse Forward/reverse switch;
Brakes Dynamic braking and electromagnetic break;
Battery (SLA) 24V - 15 ah (9.2kg);
Charger 24 volt 2 amp;
Max speed SLA battery 6.5 kph;
3.9 kph (2nd speed choice);
Slope grade ability 9 degrees with 120kg load.
12 degrees with 100kg load;
Travel distance Up to 16km with standard SLA battery;
Arm rests (optional) Padded, flip back, removable;
Distance between armrests 45cm or 50cm.

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